Employee Forms

2023 Fall Harvest Employee Hiring Forms

Welcome! We are excited that you are going to be part of the 2023 Fall Harvest team! Please download the following paperwork. You can fill it out on your computer, print it, sign where necessary, and bring it into the office REHIRES: BEFORE Monday, August 14th, NEW HIRES: BEFORE Thursday, August 31st Along with your non-expired I-9 employment verification documents. This could be a US passport OR driver's license or photo ID AND social security card or birth certificate. Please see page 3 of the I-9 form for all acceptable forms of verification.

To make sure your paperwork is on time, forms along with copies of your IDs or cards can also be emailed to work@belvedereplantation.com or left any time of the day or night in the secure, RED LOCKBOX on the wall by the front door to the Market. This will allow us to get you in the system and on the schedule in time but we must also see your actual physical ID and verification documents before your paid orientation day. You cannot legally work without bringing in those documents.

**All forms must be filled out completely, signed where necessary, and cannot be missing any information.**

If you have any questions call the office at 540-373-4478 or email work@belvedereplantation.com


Federal Form I9

Proves that you are eligible to work in the United States. Please see page 3 of this form for all acceptable forms of verification. You will need to bring in the original and unexpired documents before you can legally work.

Download Form I9

IRS Form W-4

Federal Income Tax withholding. Students living at home and making less than $11,950 from all sources may be exempt from federal taxes, please see instructions on page 2 under Purpose of Form.

Download Form W-4

Virginia Form VA-4

State Income Tax withholding. Students living at home and making less than $11,950 from all sources may be exempt from state taxes, please see instructions for the checkbox at Line 3 on page 2.

Download Form VA-4

Understanding Employment Conditions

The legal conditions of employment. Read carefully and initial each line then sign and fill out at the bottom.

Download Understanding Employment Conditions Form

Direct Deposit Information

We highly encourage the use of Direct Deposit. Please include the necessary bank information, sign and date. If you cannot use Direct Deposit, mark that option on the form, sign, and date.

Download Direct Deposit Form

Accounting & Paycheck Information

This information is used by accounting and payroll. This is where your pay stubs will be emailed and your W2 mailed next tax season. Please write legibly.

Download Paycheck Form

Employee Information Sheet

This information is used by HR, the office, and scheduling. This is where your schedule and employee announcements are sent. It also includes your emergency contact information, t-shirt size, preferences, and orientation date.

Download Information Sheet

Availability Calendar

Mark all the dates and times you are available. Make sure you also mark the days you are NOT available. This information is entered into Deputy for you. Make sure your availability is accurate.

Availability Calendar

Work Certificate Information

14- and 15-year-old employees will need to initiate a work certificate, even if you worked here last season. If you will be 14 or 15 on any day of employment, including orientation, you must have one of these completed.

Download Work Permit Instructions


Getting Started with Deputy

Once your completed paperwork is received and you are entered into the scheduling system, you will receive an invitation to the email you included on your paperwork. This file includes instructions on how to create a Deputy account, communicate within the application, and view your schedule once it is published

Download Deputy Instructions

2023 Employee Handbook

If you want to get a head-start on orientation, want to look something up that you've forgotten, or just would like to be more prepared to excel at customer service; download the 2023 Employee Handbook. The full handbook covers all policies and goes more in-depth than the handout you'll receive at orientation.

Download the 2023 Employee Handbook

Job Descriptions & FAQ

We've compiled a brief description of each Job Team on the farm as well as a list of employee Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions or concerns that aren't covered here, please email work@belvedereplantation.com or call the office at 540-373-4478.

Download Descriptions & FAQ