Belvedere Plantation has over 25 attractions to make your farm adventure filled with fun and laughter! These attractions are included in the price of admission and are free to enjoy once you enter the farm. There are 6 extra value attractions that are NOT included with admission. Those attractions are listed at the bottom of this page.

Jumping Pillow

The Jumping Pillow can best be described like an in ground trampoline. It is a large inflatable that is buried in the ground.

1. No footwear of any kind.
2. No flips or acrobatics.
3. No sharp or loose articles allowed on the pillow.

Jumpers on the pillow are separated by height for safety reasons. Parents are allowed on with their toddlers as long as they do not jump and are only supporting them.

Pedal Carts

The pedal cart track includes a bridge and tunnel. It also has many twists and turns.

1. Riders MUST be at least 48" tall to ride.
2. Riders must be able to pedal up the hill without help and without stopping.
3. No bumping or reckless driving.
4. No double riders.

Riders unable to follow the rules will not be allowed to ride again. The Pedal Cart has a hand brake on the right that the rider must be able to use in conjunction with the steering wheel.

Trike Track

This track is directly next to the Pedal cart track.

1. Riders MUST be UNDER 48" tall to ride.
2. No bumping.
3. No double riders, Parents are allowed to assist their children.
4. Remain in the seat at all times while riding.

Please return the trikes to the beginning of the track when the rider is done riding.

Roller Bowler

This activity is located inside the Fun Barn.

The goal of this game is to roll the bowling ball so that is stops in the dip without rolling back to the beginning. There are four difficulty levels ranging from red to green with green being the easiest. This attraction is fun for all ages.

Little Farmer's Corral

This area is reserved for small children under 10 years old. It has swings and two sandboxes. There are toys and diggers in the sandboxes. There is seating around for parents to relax and watch.

1. Children must be supervised.
2. No throwing toys or sand.

Please leave the toys in the Corral for the next child. 

Ball Zone

The Ball Zone has three separate sports. they are Football, basketball, and baseball. The balls for each sport are footballs, basketballs, and tennis balls.

1. Only throw balls at their designated targets.
2. Return balls to the ball zone after use.
3. Always stand in front of the ball zone and not on the black ground plastic.

Pumpkin Mountain

The Slide is 100 feet long, goes under ground, and has two slides.

1. Riders must be at least 5 years old.
2. Sliding must be done feet first and in a sitting position.
3. No double riders.
4. Riders must wait to go until the attendant tells them it is safe to go.
5. Riders must exit the landing area.

Riders ride down the slide using burlap sacs. Please make sure to grab one from the bottom of the slide before heading to the top of the slide. When you are done sliding please return the burlap sac.

Fun Barn

The Fun Barn is Belvedere's original attraction. Hay is piled high on both sides accompanied by rope swings hanging from the rafters.

1. NO SMOKING by order of the Fire Marshall.
2. No double swingers.
3. No climbing up the ropes or walls.
4. No rough housing.

PLEASE secure all loose articles or leave them with a family member outside of the barn. It can be very easy to lose valuables and there is no guarantee of finding lost articles.

Olde Barnyard

The Olde Barnyard is our petting zoo that houses goats, sheep, chickens, and other farm animals.

1. The animals do bite, please keep fingers outside the fence.
2. Do not climb the fence and/or attempt to enter the pens.
3. Do not feed the animals anything other than animal feed. Other things, such as corn, can harm the animals.

Animal food can be purchased with credit/debit at the Olde Barnyard. Animal food can also be purchased with quarters from the food dispensers.

Racing Slides

The Racing Slides are on the side of Pumpkin Mountain.

1. You must slide feet first.
2. Young sliders must be supervised.
3. Please wait until the bottom is clear of other riders before sliding.

In order to get back to the top of the slide you must walk around and walk back up the hill to the top. Please remember to take a burlap sac with you when you go up the hill and return the sac when you are done sliding.

Great Adventure Maize Maze

The Great Adventure Maize Maze is loacted next to Pedal Carts and Cogburn's Feed Bin. Take a stroll through the maze or race your friends to get through the fastest!

1. No Alcohol
2. Stay on the Paths
3. No Littering
4. No Throwing Corn
5. No Running
6. No Bad Language
7. Absolutely NO Smoking

Wall Ball

This attraction is located inside the Fun Barn.

This gravity puzzle is played by pulling two strings to control a ball. The point of the game is to get the ball to the top of the board without dropping it through any of the holes in the board. This game is fun for all ages. 

Spider Web

The Spider Web is a great place to hang out and climb about.

1. Please be respectful of others.
2. No wrestling or rough play.
3. No flips or somersaults.
4. Remove all jewelry and sharp objects from pockets.

Back 40

The Back 40 is a collection of Giant backyard games.

These Include Hopscotch, Giant Cornhole, Giant Checkers, Giant Tic Tac Toe, and Giant Connect Four.

Colonel's Corn Box

This attraction is located between the Red Rooster Grill and Barnyard Blasters.

Colonel's Corn Box is one of our most popular attractions! Play in the corn for minutes or hours. It's fun for ALL ages!

Straw Jump

The Straw Jump is great for little ones to hang out, climb, and slide all day long!

Swine Speedway

Pig Races can be seen several times a day and are located right behind the Olde Barnyard.


This attraction is located in the far back right of the farm, next to the Ball Zone and Screamin' Scarecrow's Super Slide.

Barrel Train

The barrel train is located right outside the market next to the Wagon Rides.

1. Only ONE child rider per barrel.
2. Riders MUST be willing and able to ride alone.
3. Driver's rules are final.
4. Riders must be under 48" to ride.

Candy Cannon

The Candy Cannon is brought out several times during the weekends only and located between the Red Rooster Grill and the Silo Ropes Adventure.

The Cannon to the brim with candy and shot in the air. Candy comes raining down to be picked up and enjoyed!

Silo Ropes Adventure

Added in 2022, the Silo Ropes Adventure is a low ropes course great for kids big and small! It is located between Colonel's Corn Box and Screamin' Scarecrow's Super Slide.

Wagon Rides

Wagon Rides are located behind the market and to the left, next to the Jumping Pillow and one of the PYO Flower Fields.

The Wagon Ride takes you to the Pumpkin Patch where there are lots of pumpkins to choose from!

Pumpkins are $0.75 per pound.

Little Farmer's Bounce

The Little Farmer's Bounce is located directly next to the Jumping Pillow.

1. Children MUST be supervised by an adult.
2. During busy times, please take turns.

Pumpkin Patch

Take the Wagon Ride to visit the Pumpkin Patch! Drop in for a photoshoot or to pick your favorite pumpkins and take them home.

Pumpkins are $0.75 per pound.


Fireworks happen around 8:15 PM every Saturday night in October.

They can be seen above the pond from most places on the farm.


This attraction is located across from the Trike Track and next to Pumpkin Painting.

Use the wands dipped in soap to make the BIGGEST bubbles you've ever seen!

Community Campfire

The Community Campfire is located right outside the back of the market and next to the Wagon Rides.

Feel free to warm up or simply enjoy the fire once the sun sets.

Extra Value Attractions

Our extra value attractions add extra levels of fun for the whole family!

Screamin' Scarecrow's Super Slide

This extra value attraction is a 225 foot long slide that can get up to 20 mph. This exciting attraction is ridden on a snow tube. Each tube has a lead attached to it so you can easily drag it up the hill to the start of the slide.

1. Riders must be taller than 48" to slide.
2. Riders must be able to fully cross their legs while sitting on the tube.
3. Riders must move out of the end of the slide when they come to a stop.
4. Place the tube back in the designated area after you ride.

1 Ride - $5.00 OR Two punches on the Adventure Cards 
All Day Ride Pass - $10.00 OR Four punches on the Adventure Cards

Punkin' Plunkin'

This Extra Value Activity it located inside the fun barn. It utilizes modified paintball guns to shoot small rubber balls. This attractions features stationary and moving targets. 

1. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
2. Spectators will stay behind the cashier desk.

25 Shots - $2.50
75 Shots - $5.00 OR Two Punches on the Adventure Cards
150 Shots - $8.00

Paint the Pests

This extra value activity uses mounted paintball guns to shoot paintballs at moving and stationary targets.

1. You must be taller than 48" and physically able to safely handle the gun.
2. Safety glasses must be worn.
3. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
4. Do NOT pull the trigger when out of ammo.
5. Spectators stay behind the fence.

25 Shots - $2.50
75 Shots - $5.00 OR 2 Punches on the Adventure Cards
150 Shots - $8.00

Pumpkin Painting

This extra value activity is located under a large white tent next to the fun barn. Paint a small pumpkin however you'd like!

$5.00 - includes mischief pumpkin to take home.

Barnyard Blasters

This extra value activity uses modified paintball guns to shoot soft foam balls at your friends and family.

$5.00 - 5 minutes of play time

Pick Your Own Flowers