Fall Attractions

Fun Barn

The Fun Barn is Belvedere's original attraction. It is piled high on both sides accompanied by rope swings hanging from the rafters.


1. NO SMOKING by order of the Fire Marshall

2. No double swingers

3. No climbing up the ropes or walls

4. No rough housing

PLEASE secure all loose articles or leave them with a family member outside of the barn. It can be very easy to lose valuables and there is no guarantee of finding lost articles.

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Pumpkin Mountain

The Slide is 100 feet long, goes under ground, and has two slides.


1. Riders must be at least 5 years old

2. Sliding must be done feet first and in a sitting position.

3. No double riders

4. Riders must wait to go until the attendant tells them it is safe to go.

5. Riders must exit the landing area.

Riders ride down the slide using burlap sacs. Please make sure to grab one from the bottom of the slide before heading to the top of the slide. When you are done sliding please return the burlap sac.

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Olde Barnyard

The Olde Barnyard is our petting zoo that houses goats, sheep, chickens, and other farm animals.


1. The animals do bite, please keep fingers outside the fence.

2. Do not climb the fence and/or attempt to enter the pens

3. Do not feed the animals anything other than animal feed. Other things, such as corn, can harm the animals.

Animal food can be purchased with credit/debit at the Olde Barnyard. Animal food can also be purchased with quarters from the food dispensers.

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Trike Track

This track is directly next to the Pedal cart track.


1. Riders MUST be UNDER 48" tall to ride

2. No bumping

3. No double riders, Parents are allowed to assist their children.

4. Remain in the seat at all times while riding.

Please return the trikes to the beginning of the track when the rider is done riding.

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