Fall Attractions

This attraction is located inside the Fun Barn. This gravity puzzle is played by pulling two strings to control a ball. The point of the game is to get the ball to the top of the board without dropping it through any of the holes in the board. This game is fun for all ages.
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Racing Slides

The Racing Slides are on the side of Pumpkin Mountain. They allow for double riders and racing.


1) You must slide feet first.

2) Young sliders must be supervised.

3) Please wait until the bottom is clear of other riders before sliding

In order to get back to the top of the slide you must walk around and walk back up the hill to the top. Please remember to take a burlap sac with you when you go up the hill and return the sac when you are done sliding.

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Back 40

The Back 40 is a collection of Giant backyard games.

These Include Hopscotch, Giant Cornhole, Giant Checkers, Giant Tic Tac Toe, and Giant Connect Four.

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Ball Zone

The Ball Zone has three separate sports. they are Football, basketball, and baseball. The balls for each sport are footballs, basketballs, and tennis balls.


1. Only throw balls at their designated targets.

2. Return balls to the ball zone after use.

3. Always stand in front of the ball zone and not on the black ground plastic.


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