Sunflower Extra Value Attractions

Sunflower Picking

The star of our Sunflower Spectacular Event, the sunflowers are purchased by buying a pail to put them in and then picking until the pail is full.


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Screamin' Scarecrow

This extra value attraction is a 225 foot long slide that can get up to 20 mph. This exciting attraction is ridden on a snow tube. Each tube has a lead attached to it so you can easily drag it up the hill to the start of the slide.


1) Riders must be taller than 48" to slide.

2) Riders must be able to fully cross their legs while sitting on the tube.

3) Riders must move out of the end of the slide when they come to a stop.

4) Place the tube back in the designated area after you ride.


1 Ride - $5.00 OR Two punches on Adventure Cards 

All Day Ride Pass - $10.00 OR Four punches on Adventure Cards

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This Extra Value Activity it located inside the fun barn. It utilizes modified paintball guns to shoot small rubber balls. This attractions features stationary and moving targets. 


1) Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

2) Spectators will stay behind the cashier desk.


25 Shots - $2.50

75 Shots - $5.00 OR Two Punches on the Adventure Cards

150 Shots - $8.00

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