The Goat with Four Stomachs

Okay, okay…so goats don’t really have four stomachs. Just like cattle and deer, goats have a ruminant digestive system. This means they have one really big stomach with four unique compartments that help them digest all the hay, grass, and weeds they gobble down.


The first and largest compartment is called the rumen and is full of bacteria that helps breakdown everything the goat eats.

Chewing cud…

The food them moves into the reticulum which looks like a big honeycomb and catches big particles that haven’t been fully digested yet. The goat will regurgitate these large bits of feed, chew them up into smaller pieces, and swallow them again. Sounds kinda gross, but it’s pretty awesome.

Super filter…

The omasum is the third compartment and acts like a super duper filter. The omasum squeezes out all water from the partially-digested food so that the majority of the water can be retained and utilized by the rumen for the fermentation process.

Awesome fertilizer…

The fourth compartment is called the abomasum and completes the final digestive process where the remaining nutrients and proteins are absorbed by the goat and the remaining stuff comes out as awesome garden fertilizer. Goat doody comes out in pellets so it’s a bit neater and it doesn’t burn plants or attract bugs like cow poo. How cool is that?

Come visit our adorable goats at the farm! Not a local? You can still see their cute faces here!

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