Pumpkins at Belvedere

Pumpkins are a big part of Fall here at Belvedere Plantation. We love taking families out to the patch on wagon rides and watching them pick the perfect pumpkin! However, pumpkins aren’t an easy crop to grow. They are very sensitive to the weather. Extreme heat requires a lot more irrigation. Heavy rains can drown the seeds and prevent bees from pollinating. With the hot summer and the amount of rain we saw the past few months, a lot of farms in the Atlantic didn’t fare so well pumpkin-wise. Belvedere Plantation was fortunate to produce quite a few healthy pumpkins this season, big and small. We’ve also brought in oodles of pumpkins from other farms outside the Atlantic to make sure everyone has a pumpkin for the Fall!

Head on out for some aMAZEing Fall fun and pick up a pumpkin…or TWO!

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