Photographing Mom

Photography tips for Dads and kids.

You’re sitting down looking through all of your family photo albums. There are adorable pictures of your kids right after they were born. Pictures of cake-covered faces on their first birthdays. Images of them cuddled up asleep on the couch with Dad. But something’s missing…Mom.

Mom’s tend to spend most of the time behind the camera capturing all the special memories that we all cherish later on. Here are a few easy photography tips for Dads and kids to make sure Mom is included in all the memory-making fun.

Keep it simple. You don’t need a fancy high-tech camera to take amazing photos. Most phones have cameras that are super easy to use and take quality pictures.

Lighting matters. The worst time to take photos is between 11am and 1pm. The sun is directly overhead and the garish light highlights any and all flaws. No need to show off how tired Mom is, right? Take pictures either before or after that time frame for softer lighting.

Barter with goofiness. Kids aren’t always in the mood to have their picture taken. There’s the kid that will immediately hide their face the second they hear “cheese”. Then there’s the kid that insists on sticking out their tongue or making a “crazy” face when you’ve specifically asked for a Grandma-friendly photo. Make a deal with your kids that for every calm photo they take, they can pick a background or pose that they like. You’ll be amazed at how creative your kids can be.

Be natural. We’ve all seen those photos of families with tight, exaggerated smiles that don’t quite reach the eyes. Take pictures when your family is playing and having a good time to capture authentic family moments.

Here are more tips for taking photos at the farm!

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