Ospreys at the Farm!

Bunnies aren’t the only ones laying eggs this spring…

We at Belvedere Plantation have been fortunate to witness the nesting of a family of ospreys!

The farm is actually the perfect habitat for these majestic creatures. Their diet is ninety-nine percent fish and the Rappahanoock River provides a an ample menu of striped bass, yellow perch, and catfish. Like owls, osprey have reversible outer toes featuring small barbs that allow them to easily clutch their prey from behind.

For their nests, osprey often take advantage of human habitat and utilize tall telephone poles or wooden platforms like the one at the farm. They build their nests out of twigs and grass (sometimes while you’re still planting it).

After laying their eggs (they typically lay three at a time), both parents help incubate them until they hatch. Although all eggs are laid at once, they don’t hatch at the same time. As a result, the first-born osprey is sometimes the more dominant of the hatchlings.

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