Lasting Pumpkins

Fall is finally here and we can’t wait to head out the the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. We get home, carve’em up, and joyously stand outside with the porch light off so we can take in our masterpieces. But a week later, our pumpkins have begun to bold and rot and Halloween is still weeks away.

Here are a few tips to keep your pumpkins looking great longer.

Bleach – Soak freshly carved pumpkins in a mixture of bleach and water (1 tbsp bleach/gallon water) for four to six hours. Be sure to spray the inside of the pumpkin as well as the carved parts of the pumpkin with bleach daily.

Vaseline – Using a rubber glove, apply a layer of vaseline to the inside of your pumpkin as well as the carved areas. This will keep your pumpkin from molding and drying out.

Oil – Rub vegetable cooking oil on your carved pumpkin to keep it fresh longer. WD-40 works as well as it contains mineral oil (as long as you don’t mind the smell).

Paint – Un-carved pumpkins last longer than carved ones and it’s less messy. This is a great option for little ones that aren’t old enough to use carving tools. Check out these amazing ideas on our Pinterest page!

Head out to the pumpkin patch at Belvedere Plantation for your perfect pumpkin!

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