Tips and Checklist

Field Trips Tips & Checklist

Here are some notes that will help to make you and your students’ visit to Belvedere Plantation a good experience:

  • Have payment ready on arrival to speed check-in and save your group considerable time!
  • Bring self adhesive name labels for each child’s pumpkin. If you opt not to bring labels, please bring several markers per classroom to label the pumpkins.
  • Pumpkin bags are not provided.
  • Bring adequate chaperones to manage your group, one adult per 5 or 6 children is recommended. Maze field trips require 1 chaperone per every 5 to 8 children.
  • Avoid disappointment — be familiar with activities that are (and are not) included in your field trip and share with chaperones.
  • The farm can be a difficult place for those suffering from asthma, severe inhalant allergies, or allergic reactions to bee stings. Please note that perfumes and fragrances tend to attract bees.
  • Honeybees are bred to be very gentle and will only sting to defend themselves or the colony. Wild Wasps and Yellow Jackets account for almost all bee stings on the farm. If a honeybee lands on you, simply blow it off, do not hit or swat it.
  • Watch weather forecasts days before and advise parents to dress the children appropriately.  Field trips continue as planned unless the teacher cancels.

Download Teacher Planning Guide for Fall Harvest Time Field Trips.
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