Curious George Facts

At Belvedere Plantation, we’re celebrating Curious George’s 75th birthday by putting him in the maze! Here are a few little-known factoids about our mischievous little monkey!

Curious George is a spinoff. George actually showed up first as a character in the book Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys, a story about a lonely giraffe befriended by a litter of monkeys.

No-Name Man. The Man in the Yellow Hat is never given a name in the books. His name, “Ted Shackleford” wasn’t disclosed until the 2006 movie.

George is one of many aliases. Depending on where the book is published, George is known by several names. His name is “Hitomane Kozaru” in Japan, “Peter Pedal” in Denmark, and “Nicke Nyfiken” in Sweden. He was given the spunky name “Zozo” in the U.K., because people thought it was disrespectful to name a monkey after the current king.

George and WWII. Just hours before Hitler’s army invaded France, H.A. and Margret Rey fled Paris on bicycles with very little possessions. Among their scarce belongings were the beginning manuscripts of what would become beloved children’s books.

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