Easter Around the World

Here in the U.S., most of us celebrate Easter searching through tall grass for dyed eggs, attending church services, and dining on mouthwatering ham with our loved ones. Here are some unique ways the rest of the world celebrates!

Finland’s Little Witches…

Easter is a lot like Halloween in Finland. Small children dress up as little witches complete with decorated twigs and knock on doors offering to rid the homes of all evil spirits. In return, the children are given a sweat treat, usually in the form of a chocolate egg.

France’s Giant Omelette…

In southwest France in the town of Bessieres, cheering crowds gather around a group of cooks as they make a gigantic omelette as part of the local Easter festivities. The omelette is made with around 15,000 eggs and feeds over 1,000 people!

Rolling Eggs in Scotland…

Scots celebrate Easter by decorating their eggs and rolling them down a hill. This tradition symbolizes the rolling away of the stone from Jesus’s tomb. The person who’s egg rolls the farthest wins!

Guatemala’s Sawdust Carpets…

Easter morning is a busy one in Guatemala as communities work together to create a vibrant carpet of colorful sawdust, flowers, and fruit. These works of art are often over a mile long and act as paths for religious floats during the festivities!

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