Easy Ways to Pamper Mom

Mom does a lot for us on a daily basis. From being a shoulder to lean on to making sure we leave the house with both socks, Mom helps us out all the time and it’s important to show her how much we appreciate her.

Treat Mom to a morning of zzzzzzzzzzs …There is nothing more luxurious to a busy mom than being able to sleep in. Even if your mom can’t sleep in (that stinking internal clock can be a real pain), let her enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in bed and read the paper.

Make Mom a scrumptious breakfast … Give the gift of fluffy pancakes, hot coffee, and a tall glass of orange juice! It’s always nice to have someone prepare a meal for you. Not the greatest cook in the world? No problem! Frozen waffles are just as nice.

Give Mom the day off … Do the dishes! Wash the laundry! And don’t forget the mopping! Sometimes, Mom’s to-do list sounds a lot like the song from Cinderella. Give her a day off and divvy up the chores among the family so Mom can relax. And no, putting everything off until the next day doesn’t count.

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