Two Newborn Lambs!

Farmer Ian is proud to report that we have the first barnyard births of the fall season!

Two beautiful lambs-one male and one female-arrived the evening of Oct. 3 and were up on their wobbly little legs within hours. We’ve named the brown one, Fluff McDuff, and the one that’s white with brown speckles is Lamborghini. They were born with their thick winter coats.

Farmer Ian is the master of our barnyard and the fourth generation to serve at Belvedere Plantation since the Fulks family purchased the Spotsylvania County farm in 1968.

You can find him over at the Pig Races each day and when he wraps up at the Swine Speedway, he heads over to check on the rest of the livestock including our cow, goats, sheep and many feathered friends.

Say hello to Farmer Ian when you see him and ask him to point you to Fluff McDuff and Lamborghini. Plus, he says more births are expected soon so you never know what other barnyard babies you might find on your next visit!

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