Fall Harvest Time Field Trips

In October Tuesday-Friday only

Recommended for 1st through 2nd grade

Educational Focus:
To learn and understand the farm’s role in food production during Fall pumpkin season.

Tour guides will share some of Belvedere Plantation’s unique history.
Trained staff farmers lead a series of learning stations.
Teachers pick a pumpkin to take back to their classrooms. 
A farm wagon ride to the Pumpkin Patch where each visitor picks a pumpkin to take home.
Coloring books are provided for each student.
Playtime in the Fun Barn or on the Pumpkin Mountain Slide. Our tour guide will select one for you as time, space, and age group allows.


Learning stations:

  • The Pumpkin Life Cycle/Honey Bee Station – Covers plant growth, plant parts and the role of bees in pollination.
  • I’m a Farmer! Station – Interactive learning game where students learn the challenges a farmer faces in growing pumpkins.
  • Olde Barnyard Station – Animal observation and fun facts about farm animals.

Download Teacher Planning Guide for Fall Harvest Time Field Trips

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