Why the Fun Barn Grins

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The Fun Barn at the farm has a long and lively history. When the Fulks family moved to Belvedere Plantation in 1972, one of the annual summer jobs that Farmer Donnie participated in was baling hay … enough to fill up the barn! And ‘hay’ — that’s a lot! It took thousands of bales, which was hot and dusty work for young boys! Beef cattle were raised at the farm, and hay was their primary feed during the winter months.

Eventually, cattle were sold and crops were grown in the hay fields.

The old hay barn became the Fun Barn, complete with smiley face, at the time of the farm’s first Great Pumpkin Patch! And it’s been fun ever since! The old rope swing allow visitors a taste of yesteryear — grab on and swing out into the straw, and you’ll be grinning just like our Fun Barn does!

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