Donation Requests

Belvedere Plantation would love to help every local organization and we make a concerted effort to support as many as we can. However, because of the increased frequency of requests, Belvedere Plantation is unable to fulfill every one. In an effort to be fair, we cannot promise that our support of an organization will be consistent from year to year. Thank you for your understanding.

Starting in 2015, because of the high volume of requests and the other demands on our time during the harvest, we have had to restructure the way we handle donation requests. You are welcome to submit a request at any time.  However, REQUESTS RECEIVED AFTER AUGUST 29TH WILL NOT BE REVIEWED UNTIL THE FALL SEASON HAS ENDED. 

Please email all donation requests to Be sure to include:

Contact Information
Event Information
Date Donation is Required
Tax ID Number
Donation Requested

If you are seeking a raffle prize or similar donation, we may be able to provide a ticket package that would suit your needs. We will no longer be able to offer donations or wholesale pricing of pumpkins or other farm products.

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